Luxury Greek Villas by the lake
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Have the best of both world

Ultra Luxury in Santorini Style Villas by the lake with all the fun activities and adventure at Camp Max

Kairos by Saffron Stays gives you an unprecedented experience with celebrity designed villas at an excellence lakeside location and the hospitality of Saffron Stays. As a partner, we now offer access to Camp Max experiences and activities on your booking at Kairos.

Camp Max
saffron stays

Villas designed keeping you in mind

Max 12 guests
3 Bedrooms
2 Villas
2 Bedrooms

About the property

Located on Lake Kalote, Kairos is directly connected to Camp Max through a dedicated boat service allowing access to all the wonders Camp Max has to offer.

While each villa have private pools, the property also has an infinity pool, dock area and other attractions. Saffron Stays offers a unique dining experience with personal butler service. The place is ideal for large bookings, photo shoots, private parties and weekend getaways. For any assistance, you can reach out to our team or Saffron Stays.

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